29m SP Pilot, returning player. (Not PvP focused)

NO Microphone, please bear this in mind

Hi guys, PvE player with a little bit of an industry hobby looking for corp to group up for the following activities:

  1. Nemesis Bomber or Hecate T3 PvE groups, I want to make ISK but also do goofy things. If you do L3’s in something like an Algos and want to find a way to make L4 runs as cheap and fun as physically possible. I’m your ideal candidate.

  2. L4 mission running groups around the ORE (NS) or SoE (HS / NS) regions. SoE and ORE offer unique LP stores, so I like running missions for them.

  3. An FW crew that also does any of the above in their free time (My little dip into PvP)

I’ve got no microphone, but happy to listen to and follow instructions. Back after a 4’ish yr break.

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we are always looking for great people such as yourself - come have a chat with us on discord

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