2x 200 mil SP Chars looking for a Low Sec home

2x 200 mil SP Chars looking for a Low Sec home.
EU-TZ game time between 08.00 to 18.00 eve time.
Both chars have a positive KB.
Also like to do a bit of Indy when not pvp’ing.
No CTA’s please.
Full ESI can be given.
After spending most of my 14 years in null sec I am looking for a change.
I looking for some fun people to hang out with.
Mail me in game or leave a message here.

Hi there Techwood

i know you are looking for lowsec pvp but could you consider being part of an independent pvp group that operates from venal.

We dont do any traditional sov warfare and just focus in pvp and having fun

if you want to know more just check us out below


Thank You Primeryissecondary i will take a look in to your offer…

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Yo m8, mabe wanna try somthing kinda different?.. have a look…

Hey @techwood

I run a new small LS PVP corp called Coefficient of Inbreeding. We live on the edge of FW so there are plenty of targets and we’re also close to NS for some roams there too.

Looking for chilled people who like to make spaceships explode. We’re all EUTZ as well

Full ad: Coefficient of Inbreeding - New PVP focussed LS corp - Blops/SmallGang/ESS

Drop into Discord for a chat: Coefficient of Inbreeding

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