3 brothers looking for a home

We’re looking for something laid-back and drama free. Have been talking about looking into FW but open to a solid group/community. Somewhere where we can learn from mistakes and learn how to counter ships while in combat. We usually play between 1900 and 2100/2200 (CST) sometimes later if needed. All grown with kids. All prior military.

We’ve never really flown small gang or solo but here’s what we have for anyone still reading. Also a package deal as we use Eve for distanced communication since we live in different states.

You can reply here or in-game Sane Skywalker.


-I’ve flown F1 for BRAVE and HORDE. (126 mil main, 60.5 mil alt, 32.7 mil alt)
-1 brother has flown with me in those stints. (86.2 mil main/pvp focused)
-1 brother is new to game and currently low SP. (4.2 mil - focus Minmatar Frigate V, Desi IV, Cruiser/BC III w/ guns are IV)

TSSOC has been around for year, laid back, no BS living in an active area of Null

come say hi

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You Are Welcome With us :grinning:

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This might be something for you if you are looking for fw and a growing community.

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You could probably takeing into consideration npc space, not conq stations, so you won’t have to worry about your assets beeing stuck, evictions and all that comes with sov owning groups.

We are a group based in Sansha space, Stain region to be more exact and we have a variety of activities running, mostly pvp.

Poke me on discord if anything might get you guys interested.


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Hello there,

Have you all ever considered living in WH space?

Have considered heavily. Just hesitant due to bro’s low SP and our collective lack of wh space knowledge.

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Fair enough,

The newbro would definitely struggle in our hole 5-5. However, we could be teaching you all the WH space life, it just depends if you’re all up for PvP mindset rather than PVE.

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ANR-K is recruiting active PVP and PVE players! 0.0 Null Deklein - #9 by Qc_Abrutiss take a look

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Talking with them tonight. Thinking about pumping SP to get him the scanning skills and the teaching

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Discord we are a corp located in catch and querious smaller tightnit group join our discord and see if we are a fit for you

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Hey! I am starting my own fw corp with an aim of turning it into a pvp group with an healthy community. Interested? Check out my corp ad:

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We would love to have you!

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Thanks for the drop but unsure on timezones. We are US CST so it’d be hard to hit your EU times.

Ai sorry, I read the timezone as evetime.

Will be a hard fit indeed. good luck in your search! I hope you will find a good fit!

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Check out 4S, we are looking for active PVPers. While we may be lacking in the training for newer players… We would be willing to accept you as a group. The alliance (Goonswarm) has many resources available. 4S is celebrating our 20th anniversary next month!

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Still looking. Got a couple eve mails to reply to, but on work travel so will try to get to it soon! Definitely interested in WH space and options there.

Finally home from work trip. Will be running through eve mails and posts here! Still looking for a home!

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