3 Cores of eve is recruitting

تحية طيبة
نحن تجمع جديد ونبحث عن لاعبين عرب.
يفضل من هو متواجد من الساعة 10.00 حتى الساعة 19.00 بتوقيت اللعبة.
نتواجد حاليا في المناطق التي تتبع لامبراطوريات اللعبة او ما يسمى الهاي سيكيورتي.
خصوصا بالقرب من منطقة امار.
نبحث عن من يهتوي جمع المعادن ومن يريد عمل المهام ومن يريد الصناعة والتجارة.
لدينا قناة عامة بما يتعلق بموضوع الشراكة فقط تحت اسم
3 Cores Of Eve online

انضم الى سيرفر الدسكورد عبر الرابط التالي:

Greeting Eve online Players.

This post is about inviting new players to join 3 cores of eve corporation.

We are multi national players corporation.

We are looking for who want to do industry and PVE in high security systems.

We are new corp and we are looking for you to join.

We prefer who active in between 10.00 and 19.00 eve time.

Join us on "3 Cores Of Eve online " channel which a public channel for the corporation.

4 Members right now and seeking more.

If you like doing Missions or doing Mining or industry we welcome you.

Preferred time activity is 10.00-19.00 eve time.

Consider joining if you are:
Active in between 10.00 - 19.00 eve time.
Want to do missions plus industry and mining.
Want to play in high security systems.

We are still recruiting.
Based on high security system.
Looking for Mining and PVE pilots.
UTC +3 10.00-19.00 eve time.
we got public channel named 3 COR

We are looking for PVE or Mining players.
Preferd new players.
We operate in high security system.
Preferd time activity is 10.00-19.00 eve time.

update and keep at good rate.

تحديث للموضوع مع تحويل اللغة

رفع للموضوع

مستخدمي سفينة
نحن نرحب بكم.

لازال الانضمام متاح.
مرحبا بكم :slightly_smiling_face:


نرحب بكل من يجمع
الـ Ore
والـ Bounty

Join us if you are doing mining.

still recruiting.

We are new corporation in eve online.
Looking for Mining, Manufacturing and PVE players.
We offer low Tax rate that necessary for the corp which 2.5%.
We base nearby Amarr system.
We have ingame public channel to reach out to us “3 Cores Of Eve online”
We have Discord server for communication: 3 Cores of EVE corporation server

If you are intersted in joining apply to us.

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