3 Hulk miners

I will remove them from corp.
No kill right,they are in hi sec.
Im looking to tke 11b for all 3 of them as a packege if someone want them.
All CCP rules aply

ill give you 4 billion for Daria

Lets do 4.2 and make the transfer now im online

sure, lemme just open up a convo with ya ingame

4.2billion paid :slight_smile:

Isk recived,initiate transfer now. Good luck whit it.
Daria sold 2 left to go

The transfer was initiated,is only up to ccp now.
All good

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I’ll buy 2 for 7 bil

The last 2 are not for sale anymore,waiting for ccp to transfer Daria and the topic can be closed.

Oh :confused:

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