Wts 7,468,388 mil sp hulk miner

have this hulk miner i wonna sel.
I pay transfer

start bit 4 bil
bo ?

4 B isk

thx for the start bit :slight_smile:

4.1 than :slight_smile:

5 bil

thx for the 5 bil bit we a so close to the number=)

5.1 bil

the for the bit 5,5 bil wil get it :slight_smile:

You’re missing a few disclosures as required by CCP’s character selling rules; see this post Welcome to the Character Bazaar

wallet is in +
no kill rights
no jump clons
location in hie sec

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5,5 then

aceptet waiting for isk and acount info

Info and isk sent awaiting transfer

got the isk and acount name gona send now

char is now send thx for the deal

got the transfer. thx

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