30.5m Frigate specialist / trig + explo

Gal, Cal, Min, Amarr, and Trig frigates lvl 5 + trig destro 5 and precursor med. weps lvl 5
great gunnery, drone, and support skills… made this pilot for FW and trained arch / hacking to 5 with good scanning skills for exploration on the side + gas cloud harvesting

Positive wallet ballance

no kill rights

1 jump clone located in Dal 0.0 space with a low asklepian implant set

Character is In high-sec (dodixie) but can be moved to any of the other major hubs if you’d like

Eden’s Hunters Kiki skin

Thread reopend.

12b offer

18b o7

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bump bump bump bump bump it up

skill link ?

Skillboard is not Working. Closing this Thread until you have fixed that. Flag the Post when it is fixed.