26.6m assault frig / trig pilot with good support skills -armor / gunnery



2 bonus remaps

Med precursor wep lvl 5
Trig Destroyer lvl 5
Trig cruiser, battlecruiser, and battleship lvl 4
Min, Cal, Gal, Amar, and Trig Frigates lvl 5
Assault Frigates lvl 5
Cyber 5
Can fly Prospect / Endurance

6.2m Gunnery
5.2m Spaceship Command
3m Drones
3m Engineering
2m Navigation
1.3m Armor

Eden’s Hunters Kikimora skin

12 bil b/o


13b b/o

13.2 bil b/o

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How much are you looking for this char? Let’s do the business!

Looking for 24b, I know it’s way above the bazaar standards but to inject at 600m each it would cost 38b to inject this sp… I’m going to stick around for the right buyer or keep him :slight_smile: