26.6m assault frig / trig pilot with good support skills -armor / gunnery

Yeah for 26b

26bil good luck finding. But my offer is 17.5bil

19b ready

bump 26b

Bump to the top 26b

19.5b b/o

20b offer

Buyout reduced to 25b

you’ve had some good offers… its not 1 mil sp = 1 bil isk anymore.

I understand that however if I were to inject this sp into a fresh pilot it would cost over 40b. If someone is looking for a character just like mine they have this option at no less then 25b, they can inject for over 40b, or they can find another I’m not even playing right now so not worried about it :slight_smile:

you can fill 44 skill extractors from this character, thats worth 14bil big man. so i offer 15bill

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I’m not selling it for you to make a profit off of it, you are not the target market. Thanks for the offer but no thank you

well you may possibly be sitting on this a while… almost all toons just go for extractor price or above, even those who plan on using the toon, mainly because some skills may be stripped or added to make it what they want…

Yeah I understand that, waiting for a very specific buyer that wants all the skills I have. Not playing right now so I’m not rushed and if no one bites by the time I come back I will just keep it at that point no worries


bump it up