Price check for triglavian pilot please

I can fly almost every trig ship and have perfect Ikitursa skills as well and almost maxed cruiser logi skills (for zarmmy)

Please also note the HG aski clone.

Does KB matter for sales too? If so mine in pretty green :slight_smile:

Bump! :slight_smile:

you can only bump once in a 24 hr period… the post above your next one must say 1 day ago.

as far as pricing goes… you got between 3.5 and 4.5 bil in implants, going by SP, and not sure about skins… id say roughly 18-24 bil

Thx <3

I was actually about to start a hunt for a Trig specializing female character if you are serious about selling. The name is great too. I’d be prepared to offer around 22b for her.

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