30mil SP Semi Newbro pilot looking for BLOPS and Bomber Corp

I have been playing roughly a month. I skill injected into decent ships and have mastery in a bomber. I have ran some whaling missions with my corp, but this is very rare. I have also ran missions with Bombers Bar. I own my own business so that leaves me with plenty of time to play. I’m on about 10 hours everyday. I rally enjoy bombers and BLOPs. I would like to join a corp that focuses on these two aspects of the game. I don’t want to go ratting or mining to make isk. I’m more concerned with PvP than isk making. Of course I will need to find a path that is profitable, but atm I want to learn the game. If your corp specializes in bombers and BLOPs please respond. Thank you very much.

You’d fit well with Krypted, we blops Goonswarm for isk.

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