BLOPs Centric WH PvP corp LF Serial Killers

S-KHI (Saeder-Krupp) is looking for pilots of a particular type, namely those obsessed with exploding other pilots at an ever accelerating rate. We are a small corp focused on BLOPs, Covert Operations, WH PvP and 0.0 camps/asset denial. Currently we are seeking pilots to fill out our BLOPs and 0.0 asset denial fleets.

We aren’t looking for just any type of pilot, we are focused on finding pilots who are up for high end, intense, fast paced PvP in ships that you actually like to fly instead of some t1 junk that is the coalition doctrine for some unexplainable reason (really its because they want their numbers to matter and since 90% of people have horrible skillsets they are relegated to faction and t1 or most cant fly it). We are not THAT type of corp. We specialize in BLOPs which to Us means, BLOPs BS, Hunters and very high DPS t3c Strategic Cruisers as well as the supporting ships for BLOPs ie: cloaky hauler (fuel truck), cloaky Links (loki/tengu/legion).

We arent looking for pilots obsessed with PvE, that isnt something we focus our time on, though we are more than happy to help roll for some 0.0 you can grind in if that is your cup of tea, when we are on our off time zone (downtime -21:00 eve time is our main TZ). Instead we are looking for pilots who like to create content, and who are willing to help hold down targets as the rest of corp jumps to you to end the issue.


  • Must be able to fly either a BLOPs BS, or t2 fit (subs to V) strategic cruiser (currently loki, tengu are most in demand)
  • Must have a second Omega account with useful skills (hunter w/covert cyno, fuel truck, heavy interdictor, rolling BS etc…)
  • Must be able to fluently speak english
  • Mic and Headset (we use discord for pings, general communications and teamspeak 3 for fleet coms with other entitties)
  • 20 million + sp on main (focused on combat skills, not interested in secret bears)
  • An intense need to see things explode

What we offer:

  • c3 null sec WH life (all the sites in the system you can do what you want with)
  • Null static allows both PvP and PvE operations dependent only on Rolling for more content
  • In House JF service (we use NPC null for logistics)
  • Experienced leadership going back to 04 (been leaderships and FCs in some of the most reputed entities in the game ie: Black Legion, Etherium Dawn, Atlas, Low-Class, White Noise etc…
  • Advancement Opportunities (we are a new corp and as such need leadership roles filled out)-this does not mean structure control access (that will not happen at all) this means roles in fleet and corp for activities, not asset control.
  • PvP Training for those who need a refresher, or recently returned to the game

We are very very selective in our recruitment and as such do so on a 1 to 1 basis, if you are interested however you are free to join our channel: " S-KHI Recruitment " to chat and see if we are a fit for you. Thanks for your time, and we hope to include you in our operations in the future.

S-KHI Team

Daily Bump… Hit us up for fun times rolling for and roaming/blops’ing 0.0 and Wh shenanigans.

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