Small PvP focused corp LF small WH or 0.0 alliance

Relatively new corp here, looking for a place to recruit from and also get others involved in the BLOPs fleets we are able to run entirely on our own. We are a old-head centric corp with a focus on BLOPs, Covert Fleet ops (WH mostly as well as t3c nano-roams). We are only so large so we can only be as a supporting role until numbers increase (which once we have a place to offer as a base of operations) we will.

Currently we understand our size limits our potential candidacy in many of the null bloc entities, which is understandable, you dont know us, we dont know you, our KB is all recent etc… and so on. That being said, we dont intend on fizzling out like most startups, we are led by experienced management, with over experienced FCs for our current capabilities, with an impeccable logistics team (only lost cynos in over 5 years of flying with one another moving carriers/JF etc…) we are a well organized, well led team that will only grow into something useful the only issue is location and time. Which is why we are here.

What we are looking for in an alliance:
-Access to Coailtion/Alliance PvP ops (preferably without constant call to arms etc…)
-Access to decent space for those of us that do PvE (WH with a static c3+ or good 0.0 with decent true sec)
-Ability to invite others in alliance to join us in our BLOPs and other cloaky activities (fun times to be had, best to be spread amongst the blues is my logic)
-Ability to conduct Blops on nearby neut/reds in support of sov operations (asset denial operations in other words)
-Not too many Blues, we want stuff to kill 1st and foremost, so though we are loyal to Our blues we want that kept to a minimum.
-Not associated with Goon or its cohorts.
-Prefer English-speaking dominated for communication and TZ playstyle purposes
-Active PvP alliances are the only groups we are interested in.
-Solid market and Courier access via JF

What we offer an alliance:
-Experienced Leadership willing to help in any way possible (once in it together, we are solidly in it together)
-Regular BLOPs being organized on a consistent and ever evolving basis (It is 90% of why we want to be in an alliance btw, bros and sistas to go BLOPs with us. We got the logistics for it, hunters, Blops bs, fuel trucks, etc… all we need is more bodies to make it effective. Regular bodies = more competent which only gets better as time progresses.
-Scrappy Bunch of guys willing to get dirty on those local defense fleets as well as exterminating WH groups trolling the area.
-Consistent Asset Denial of enemy PvE operations in the areas in BLOPs range of your space.
-Obscene antics done repetitively to infuriate enemies followed by GFs in local.
-Any other help we can offer is up for grabs, we want to help build something in addition to our own corp. So startup alliances/renter alliances/wh alliances are what we are after.

Thanks for your time,
Praetor Jin Gitaxias

if interested reply here or mail me in game @ Praetor Jin Gitaxias

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