Small elitist c3 null WH corp lf 0.0 or WH alliance

Small pvp focused corp here, not into PvE at all. Looking for a PvP centric WH alliance that wants some BLOPs experienced pilots and elitist pricks to be added to their roster. Not interested in moving, mostly want buddies for combined operations in 0.0 and WH.

Currently we are in the formation phase of our corp, but that being said we are pretty much a one corp BLOPs division with a penchant for t3cs and other WH focused ships. We like BLOPs the most and are able to support capitol operations as well. We have an in-house JF service, multiple BLOPs pilots, half a dozen maxed out enthusiastic as hell Prober pilots (we like intel, so we get it as soon as we know their is a need), taking fights requires knowing the enemy disposition, we are good if not great at selecting our fights.

Why would a 0.0 or WH alliance want us you might ask. Well that is simple, do you want someone bringing in the kills constantly using BLOPs or cloaky roams in 0.0? Do you want someone to teach your pilots how to actually use D-scan to find and locate targets almost 100% before dropping combat probes?

Are you experienced in designing cohesive doctrines that arent the typical run of the mill boring f1 focused nonsense? We are, we dont like simplicity or easy, where is the fun in that? Instead we like to think out of the box, and we are looking for a group that needs people who think out of the box to help in their own growth.

If you are interested feel free to convo me in game or write me a e-mail at this toon. I will reply here as well though the others get my responses faster.
I might add we are not interested in Imperium or ANYONE allied with it.

Thanks for your time,
The Saeder-Krupp Team

If you wouldn’t mind joining my corporation discord so we could chat, I am the executor of Asymmetric-Warfare, a small blops/small scale focused alliance (our ticker is [BLOPS]. Asymmetric-Warfare | Alliance | zKillboard

We have a pretty cool focus on asymmetric warfare and while we do form fleets at times a lot of our stuff is centered on being unengagable and maxing damage on the enemy.

We are rather focused on cloaky ops, No interest in flying HACs, faction cruiser, t1 bs or anything of that sort. Ie: your kb isnt the type of pvp we are aiming for. Thanks for the interest though. We are ONLY interested in Covert Ops based PvP except for home station defense.

Check us out.

Bump still on the lookout for a alliance

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