Small pvp corp lf small active pvp WH alliance - low class

My corp is focused on covert operations, Specifically BLOPs and WH operations. We are NPSI so if its not purple we shoot it. So WH alliances with allies they operate with regularly would not be a fit. We are self contained, and are willing to invest in setting up a citadel if that is what is required (why someone would want that , im not sure, but still).

We are mostly interested in WH, and 0.0 pvp as well as being heavy participants in Bombers Bar and other NPSI communities. For a wh alliance to work, it needs to be either connected to a static 0.0 or a static c2 or c3 which we can roll for 0.0 access.

CEO is a recently returned former FC for irc/ed during dronelands war of 09, focused on subcap and BLOPs fleets, so if you need an experienced FC you are in luck. We are focused in the post downtime period and are exceedingly active (membership only stays in if its active, inactives are purged every two weeks.

We are not interested in c5 or c6 corps to live in or as a static, or in cap battles etc… For home defense we will fly whatever you wish, aside from caps, our doctrines are fairly malleable and lead us to have access to all the good stuff.

We are intent on pilot driven content, and are interested in working with another group towards common goals and bringing out the Salt of those we encounter. Whether it be small , micro, or medium gang , we are more than happy to get the fun going. When it comes to WH logistics we are also quite useful, mapping is a constant, cloaky haulers to move stuff in and out, black cynos, all able to fly a t2 gunned t3c, and experienced at doing so, experience rolling holes, and in structure defenses.

If this fits your bill, reply here or contact Faethor Ferenc’zy for starting a dialogue.
Thanks for your time,

House Ferenc

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What’s the reasoning of looking for a small WH alliance over continuing with NPSI? Most of these groups have a hole for their ops.

What timezone?

I prefer WH pvp specifically, with BLOPs being a close second. I am aiming mainly to get the WH side covered and still retain the ability to hang with my bros in Bombers Bar fleets when they happen 4-6 times a week without it causing issues because of alliance blues/etc… Regular bros to fleet up with in the WH for defense, chain control or diving is where the fun side of WH is imo. With bombers bar you have a few regulars (mostly the fcs and support guys), and the rest barely know eachother, i plan to eventually make the corp focused on doing BLOPs on a daily basis (once i get numbers up enough to do it). Thus making Bombers Bar irrelevant (but thats a bit off).

What about the timezone part? :stuck_out_tongue:

EU tz primarily, after downtime specifically.

Daily Bump… looking for pilots for after downtime nonsense

daily bump looking specifically for bomber and recon pilots

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