45 mil sp PvP toon w/2 15+ mil sp alts LF small-med gang PvP Focused corp

Im gonna be blunt and straight to the point. I am Only interested in small-med gang pvp. Not interested at all in caps, sov war, blobs etc…

I am looking for a hardcore 0.0 pvp corp. Blops, WH Evictions, camps, roams, etc… I am down with all of that.

What I offer:
-Blops bs + 2 hunters
-been playing since 06 so lots of experience (mostly 0.0 and WH)
-Activity is the name of my game. I play to have fun, not sit around station spinning
-Versatile TZ as i work from home
-Extensive Experience in WH operations (former alliance exec/fc of small 200+ man c4 wh alliance)

What im looking for:
-Active 50+ member corp ( i dont care how many are in your alliance, it all begins with corp
-Consistent Blops and high end roams ( i have skills for good ships why fly t1 crap)
-Proactive self sufficient Hunter types are Exactly what im looking for ( if you cant combat probe you dont count)
-Dispersed power at top of food chain. (not interested in Dictatorships where one person makes All calls)
-Comraderie. I want a squad to fly with, some bros (and sistas) who fly good and who i can work and grow with in our proficiency of killing mofos.

If you are interested feel free to eve mail me as i get that on my phone and can respond and begin researching you guys.

Thanks for your interest.

You have a discord mate?

Is this your main? I don’t see a history of active PvP…

You should consider joining ADFU, we are always looking for pilots!

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