32M almost perfect rorq pilot

Selling this rorqual toon as i no longer needed


I will be paying the transfer with plex.
Skills was relocated to go max on rorq

Starting Bid

almost perfect ?? i would expect jump skills to be V and drone skills to be V and specialization at IV for it to be almost perfect…not extracted the s$%t out of…

free bump

28B If you are still selling, please email me during the game

even with current sp amount
that character is nowhere near a perfect rorq skilled pilot
think the new owner is looking at at least a 4 to 5 months before its trained to almost perfect
so the real value should be closer to 15-16
so i offer 16

friendly reminder
beside that the character has to be in a npc corp or the mods will close the topic :wink:

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