34 Bill Buyout 45.4 Mill SP JF - SCANNER - SuperCap Builder - Trader


Caldari Freighter 4
Gallente Freighter 5

Jump Carrier 5

Great scanning

Mine ice in a Hulk

Build Super Caps W/ Capital Ship Construction 4

Great Trading Skills



I have

Positive Sec Status

Positive Wallet

No Kill Rights

4 jump clones

Diihra 0.6 system with a second set of improved implants

Dital 0.5 system no implants

Hek 0.5 system No implants

Sendaya 0.2 Low Sec system no implants

and current clone

Currently Docked in station in High Sec Dihra 0.6 system
With a Complete set of Improved implants +5’s

All Rules will be followed

I pay Transfer fee


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Happy bump day

Let me be the one to build you a Super Cap

Sent a mail to you, PLZ Check!

28B Offer

Why wait 34 Bill insures your place as the new owner of this character

Bump looking for a 34 Bill Buyout

Thursday bump

Friday night bump

I’ll bump up to 30B, final offer.


If no other offers in 24 hours
I will accept your offer

Remember 34 Bill is the Buyout

Hello. Do you accept? Thank you!

Yes if you can wait until the 4th so I can get RL funds to pay the transfer I’ll confirm the char is yours if you agree

This is acceptable.

This char is sold pending to @River_Miles

I must retract my 30B bid. The 28B offer still stands.

Bump first 34 BIll wins

Friday bump

Sunday bump