I am for sale Nyx and Hel super pilot

Full geno set

In npc corp and in jita, that includes geno pod.

Feel free to contact if interested

B/O 53 bil or make me a good offer

All CCP rules apply will be xfering via plex if i can.

I am sorry . I need schooling. I don’t understand directions given by Eve Online . I please maybe 11 years ago and now retired from my job after 27 years and want to play game. It is all changed and I don’t understand how auction works and prices of characters. I guess You buy Flex cards to get billons of ISK. but how many Flex Cards is 60 billon how ant US Dollars would that Be? Please Help


daily bump still for sale

bump still for sale

bump b/o lowered

daily bump

3. Jump clones
The seller must disclose whether jump clones are located in 0.0, lowsec or highsec space

well it does stat the geno pod is in jita, as for the other 2 clones that are empty doesnt really matter, but i can look up that info if it matters

I posted the rule. Read it again.

yes jumpclones being advertised in the sale which it is stated, are u interested in the pilot or just trying to be a forum troll

daily bump still for sale


33 bil

thank you for the offers but its worth more then that

daily bump

I’ll give you 40.

daily bump

I got 45

make it 48 bil and ill sell