34M sp orca pilot with excellent refining for sale

I am for sale, All CCP rules apply: In npc-corp, in HS, pos wallet, no kill rights, jump clones in HS :

pw 1234

Be sure to click on the jump clone to see the jump clone in jita, mid-grade acend set with slots 6-10 all full as well.
Cyber 5
Great refining skills (almost all at 5 or 4), great drone skills (almost 5.5m sp here), can also fly transport ships as well as exhumers 5, mining barges 5, and orca/porpoise(ind command 5). Also has good trade skills.

Starting bid 26b (i can extract for that)
New b/o 30b, to reflect the desire for a fast sale
hoping to complete a sale this weekend

You can extract for 26 so i will offer 27bil

bid noted, thanks for the start hoping for a bit more

Changed buyout to reflect my desire for a fast sale online now, if you want to discuss in game i will be on Trade Primative

Before someone else does, I will update my own offer to 27.5bil, that’s my last bid though, can’t go higher than that.

I will do 28 bil then :wink:

Toon sold via this thread

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