[WTS] 12 M SP Orca Mining Pilot

I’m for sale - I’m at the beginnings of my life in New Eden. I’m well focused Orca Mining Pilot, with no wasted skills. I have good core fitting skills and shield skills for my age. I’d be a good home to anyone willing to train me.

Here are some highlights:

Cybernetics V - Currently in ALL +5 Clone
3 Bonus Remaps
50 K Unallocated SP

All of my skills can be found here: EveSkillboard - tom 007

To my new owner, I’m located in Jita - No Kill-rights - Positive Wallet in NPC Corp. I will follow all CCP rules and regulations regarding transfer process.

Starting Bid: 9 B
Buyout: 11 B


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the link does not work


Pilot still for sale?

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