35 Mill SP Sub Cap Pilot LF Corp

as I’ve said i have 35 mill sp and i focused my training on destroyers and command ships. so ill be stepping up into a dread but i have alot of things to finish training so i can use it correctly.

my current corp was created with a great idea of a training WH group but is a failed plan due to poor planning and execution by the leadership. just check there KB for more answers.

what im looking for.

  • NO SOV*
  • Freedom to fly NPSI Fleets
  • Freedom to do incursions
  • Mandatory Comms
  • Requires an API Key
  • Bi-Weekly PVP Fleets

see that is not alot. hell most of it is basic requirements for corps. now i did say no sov. but im willing to join a corp thats in an alliance thats planning to fight for sov.

now i will not read this thread after i create it so you will have to send me an email. and im simply doing this so that only those who took the time to read this will be the ones i wish to join.

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i bet some goon spams on here.

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Damn, no sov. You’re missing out on daily fleets my friend. Best of luck!

Not really. when you think about it specter fleet (NPSI Group) puts out about 4 fleets a day. at least 2 daily gate camps and no di** FC demanding you fly a ship you dont like. plus getting ships you like to sov is a pain.being forced to pay to use the JF service or buy it in the Sov where it cost about 10% more then amarr prices. as a player who has years of EXP dealing with this i dont wish to deal with it any more.

Sounds like you just joined garbage, which happens if you just throw down a thread and don’t want to do any research. :wink:

Cute but sadly wrong.

Hello Snow Slave,

If you get chance come check us out…

I will attempt to send you in game mail later today. I know we kinda match what your previous Corp/Alliance was attempting to create, however we are very well established and worth looking up.

Hope to see ya in space,

Null sec takes much more work than spectre fleet. Sounds like you are looking for some trolly empire ■■■■ corp imo

Come by and check us out. We are small gang PVP in Curse with nightly fleets, gate camps etc. US time Zone.

Extreme Agony

in game channel: extremeagony


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