48 Mil SP Looking for Corp

I am a 48 Mil SP Minmitar Pilot Looking for a Low Sec, Null Sec or worm whole corp. I have been playing on and off since 2012 and have focused mainly on combat. Mostly run level 4 missions till my eyes bleed and I am beyond done with that.

All of the corps that I have been in were small and mostly people afraid to go into low or null sec so I am really hoping to branch out. High sec is lame.

I have level 5 Minmitar and Caldari Carrier skills, most of the relevant skills to be decent at level 4 or 5 and I will be at rank 3 mastery for Nidhogger and Hel in 4 days’ish. My #1 goal is to get into a Nidhogger or Hel and do Level 5 missions, incursions and corp warfare.

I am totally fine with PVP but my experience thus far is limited to low sec small gang warfare in a Hurricane. I know nothing about worm wholes but it sounds extremely interesting and would love to learn.

Currently I mostly do level 4 missions in a Bargest, I have excellent missile skills, Drone skills and Projectile skills. I also have Caldari Dreadnought at level 4 and would love to get into a Phoenix.
I am in my mid 30’s, have a great since of humor and I am very easy going / though skinned.

I live in the Midwest USA and only speak bad English and a little Spanish. I work nights and would be available between 0200 (2am) and 1500 (3pm) Central time most days but open availability on days off which very. I will fit my sleep schedule around corp activity.

The main things that I am looking for in a Corp are.

  1. The ability to help me get into (Carrier and Dreadnought) Capital Ships ( I have ISK for materials, fittings and even a Nidhogger blueprint) and have members that are experienced in flying them so that I can learn. I want to be clear, I am NOT looking for a FREE ship, I simply can not buy / make one on my own. Buying one would mean going into low Sec and then being able to defend it by myself once un-docked.

  2. Be active and do plenty of Incursions / Level 5 Missions and at least some PVP every so often. I am not supper big on PVP but I won’t shy away from it either.

  3. Have at least SOME redeeming quality’s, I have a high tolerance for toxicity, but I would like to be in a corp that is at the very least decent to it’s own members.

We’re the Valklears - a corp living on it’s own in deep disconnected nullsec, loyal to the Guristas Pirates. Member of WINMATAR.

We are looking for a few more capsuleers to join us killing everyone, disrupt nullsec routes and reap the rewards (500m/h) of being a Guristas…

If you are intrested to know more - convo me :slight_smile:

Hey Vitri,

Sounds like you’re built up some great skills on your character, I like that you know want to test yourself in harder environments such as WHs or 0.0. I run a tight knit corp, we’re all very friendly with the core group flying together for over six years. We’re more of a community really and also play other games together such as world of tanks.

Many of our members have lots of experience in eve, I myself have been playing since early 2004 and would be happy to teach you what I know, especially about pvp.

We can certainly help you get into a capital ship and show you how to use it properly. Most of the corp have dreads/carriers and even super carriers.

We don’t run missions though unfortunately as we live in 0.0 but there’s loads to do here such as running combat sites and exploration (we go into WHs too).

If you fancy a chat hop onto our discord sometime and say hi - https://discord.gg/dsspPsmFX6

Please visit our TDSIN Pub and TDSIN Recruitment in-game to speak to our recruiters to ask questions . Plenty of good times to be had!! https://zkillboard.com/corporation/1705300610/. we are a wormhole corp that has been living in null for some time but we have low sec also. In tdsin we welcome old new players long as you meet the basic skills. Do you hate null war np in tdsin we do our own things to like wormhole diving for pve or pvp to hunt. small/mid gangs with our OWN stageing/ ships. When we dont fight we hang out some memebrs play other games Ceo does jackbox/ amoung us every friday night =). What ever your style tdsin should be able to offer something for you .

Hello, I’m Frank, and i fly with H-COM.
We are a growing nullsec based pvp corp, a part of Slyce alliance. we mostly focus on small/med gang fleets, Blops, and Capitals. We are a casual real life first sort of group with a low tolerance for toxic behaviour.
Most of us are in ustz, and we have a number of veteran and returning players, who can help you with the ins and outs of not dying in your first capital on the undock, lol, its really not as spooky as you have been told. Very little mission running or incursions in null, but there are some, gila/ishtar or carrier ratting is what you’d be aiming for out here or running DED escalations.

If any of this sounds interesting to you, feel free to msg me back here or ingame, we can chat, and i can answer any questions you might have, and good luck in your search.

Frank Skeets

I have been contacted by a corp that I believe will be a good fit for me, so this thread will be closed for the time being thank you to everyone who responded!

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