Looking for UK/EU WH/Small Fleet Group - 150M SP

Hey Guys,

Returning to Eve after a few years away travelling and such; I’m a 150M SP pilot that is trained to fly pretty much every role in subcap, as well as able to pilot Dreadnought, Carriers and Jump Freighters.

Previous history in corporations that were US/NZ/AU time based but have since moved so need to find a new home. Active on Discord, able to voice chat, etc.

Hey do come and find us ingame for a chat.


Contact me in game, i think we could have some common goals

Hi David , Come check us out … Deadly Silent - C2 Wormhole Corp - Now Recruiting!

Hi David

If you can consider a 100% independent pvp corp operating from null npc space please make sure to contact us.

Our game play is as simple as possible with focus in having fun. Below a bit of copy and past of why you should consider us.

Say goodbye to the things below.

Blue doughnut warfare
Non-stop CTAs and Strat ops
Non-stop structure bashing
Anchor + F1 fleets
Doctrine requirements
Big fleet warfare, TiDI
No Mumble/teamspeak ■■■■, discord will just do fine:)

At the same time we offer 0% corp tax, and no API check needed and much more:)

Feel free to check our website out www.mortisangelus.com, there you find more info and of course a link to our discord


Hey there, I hail from Mass Collapse, a small WH corporation that sounds like it’s just what you’re after; small fleets, ganks, and a simpler life out in the wild west of wormholes…
SAMM Public (ingame)
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