Deadly Silent - C2 Wormhole Corp - Now Recruiting!

Deadly Silent, A C2 Wormhole Corp are Recruiting!

We offer:

  • C2 with C3/HS Statics - Isk you say ?

  • PVP Focused - Regular Roams

  • Industrial Facilities - Yes, You can Mine and do Indy Stuff!

  • Chilled and Friendly Corp - Bittervet Support

  • EU/UK Tz - All Welcome

  • Beer, Bacon and Bantz - Did he say jump?

  • This is the place to be - We want YOU!

  • Come have a chat - Yes, you can bring your Drake, but bring Beer!

Ideally, You’ll be an experienced pilot who enjoys small gang fun with like minded bittervets. Wormhole experience would be advantageous.
(We’re NOT looking for Cats)

Join “Deadly Silence Public” our Public Channel or contact StarGlider7 in game.

To the Top!

We’re Recruiting!

Beer, Bacon, Biscuits and Bantz…

Come have a chat…

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:blondesassyparrot: The Weekend Bump! :blondesassyparrot:

We are Actively Recruiting…

UK Based Wormhole Dwellers who drink beer and shoot stuff .

We’re a close-knit bunch of bittervets who dwell in a C2 Wormhole and enjoy nothing better than Roaming, Yeeting and Drinking beer.

We have superb facilities for both PVP and Indy Minded Folk.

(We Mine…, I know, I know, shameful ,but it happens)

We enjoy the very Best of what New Eden has to offer in terms of content

Come chat to us…

Here Comes the Bump!

“I can’t wait, for the weekend to begin”

So here’s the bump…

Very Active with bantz a plenty.

Come have a chat

Here’s your Weekend Bump - Still Recruiting… Very Active!

We’re Still recruiting both PVP and Indy Folk to share in the spoils of the very best New Eden has to offer.

  • Very Low Taxes
  • Friendly and competent folk
  • Much Bantz and Giggles
  • Plenty of PVP, PVE and Indy Stuff going on.

Come check us out.

To. The. Top!

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Actively Recruiting UK/EU Folk to come and Join us.

Friendly Corp, Relaxed and Chilled place to enjoy your game.

do you guys not have a discord?

We do… Deadly Silent
Is our Public Channel

We’re Recruiting… Come and find out why we’re one of the best communities in J-space.

Come and find out, why this UK/EU Corp is one of the best communities in J-space!

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