Deadly Silent UK/EU Wormhole Corp - Recruiting!


Deadly Silent - C2 Wormhole Corp…PVP / Indy Pilots Wanted.

Deadly Silent are actively recruiting EU/UK Folk and we’re looking for like-minded folk to come and join us.

  • Primarily EU/UK TZ - All TZ’s Welcome
  • C2 with C3 & Hi-Sec Statics - More Content
  • Small Gang PVP - Lots of it
  • Relaxed, Friendly - Fun!
  • Regular PVP Ops - Drunken Roams
  • Newbro’s Friendly - Some Skills Required
  • No CTA’s, No Drama, No Blobs - Play Your Way
  • PVE Content - Lots of it
  • Bring your Drake - and Beer
  • Dedicated Pathfinder & Discord Servers - Did he say Jump?

Wormhole Life takes advantage of the best New Eden has to offer, Come Join us.

In Game Channel :Deadly Silence Public

We’re Recruiting!

Come and find out Why we’re one of the best communities in J-Space.

Did he say Bump ?

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We’re Growing… But we Still need YOU!

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Very Active Corp, Looking for Active Folk…

Actively Recruiting… come check us out !

Recruiting EU/UK USA/EST

Here’s The Weekend Bumpety!

We also have Bacon! Join us today!

Im interested, dm me ?

Hey, we would love to chat with you sometime. Join our in-game channel so that we can get to know you better. “Deadly Silence Public” in the channel window in-game.

Up we go…

Back to the Top We Go !

Roses Are Red,
Violets Are Blue.
Eve’s Such a Great Game,
We’re Just missing You!

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