Deadly Silent - Now Recruiting

Deadly Silent is a Wormhole Based PVP Corp that is looking to expand.

We are looking for like minded capsuleers who are PVP focused to join us.

Ideally, You’ll be an experienced pilot who is familiar with small gang operations.

Wormhole experience and EU TZ would be an advantage.

In the first instance, drop Starglider7 an in-game mail .

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Shameless Bump and putting more meat on the bone…

Deadly Silent live in a C4 Wormhole, We thrive on small scale PVP and actively hunt for content.

We are looking for like-minded folk to come an join us and get in on the action.

Preferably EU/UK Tz and Wormhole experience would be great, but not mandatory.
Come and join some experienced folk for Beer, Bantz and Blowing stuff up!

Drop into “Deadly Silence Public” Channel, or drop Starglider7 an evemail.

C4 Wormhole Corp is growing and wants YOU …

  • PVP Focused
  • Friendly Folk EU/UK Tz
  • Small Gang Nano-Wins
  • Beer ,Bantz & Bacon
  • Much Much More
  • Come have a chat “Deadly Silence Public”


C4 Wormhole Corp are Recruiting!

* C4 with C3/C5 Statics - Isk you say ?

* PVP Focused - Daily Roams

  • Chilled and Friendly Corp - Bittervet Support
  • EU/UK Tz - All Welcome
  • Beer, Bacon and Bantz - Did he say jump?
  • This is the place to be - We want YOU! - Newbro Friendly
  • Come have a chat - Yes, you can bring your Drake*
  • Discord Comms - mumble sucks

Come Say hello “Deadly Silence Public” or drop Starglider7 an in game mail


Deadly Silent - C4 Wormhole Corp

We’re Recruiting! :))))

  • C4 with C3/5 Static - Isk you Say?

  • Friendly and Welcoming Folk - Bittervet Support!

  • Newbro Friendly - Though some skills Req’d

  • Beer, Bacon and Bantz - Did he say Jump?

  • EU/UK Tz - All Welcome.

  • PVP Focused - Bring your Drake.

  • Growing Corp - But we want YOU!

Come have a Chat - Deadly Silence Public, Or Drop Starglider7 an Eve-Mail

Do. The. Bump - (As The Bay City Rollers used to say) … YES!!! We’re That old, We’re Certified Bittervets!

Anyhoes, Come check us out if you’re looking for something different. The Coolest place to Chill, Drink Beer, Eat Bacon and Pew in the Whole of J-Space.

Deadly Silent are looking for pilots to expand our new corp.

EU TZ, PVP focused C4 3/5 WH corp.

Must be able to use covops cloak, have a working mic and with the willingness and means to get out and find content.

No CTA and access to best isk making opportunities in New Eden from our C4 3/5.

We are a small group of people with family’s, jobs, busy lives etc but are unashamed space pixel addicts with a lot of experience in game, who want a place to chill and blow up space pixels, no drama, no pings, no blues and with RL always taking priory.

Looking for PvP focused pilots that want to do their own thing in WH space with us, as a group of individuals sharing the same space in new Eden.

All we ask is you are active on comms when online and that you are willing to create your own content.

We use Hosted pathfinder and Discord for comms.

Zkill link

Discord link

In game look up Starglider7.

To . The. Top !

Actively Recruiting … Come have a chat…

Wormhole Life… NOTHING Beats it… Deadly Silent - C4 Wormhole Corp

EU/UK PVP Corp Looking to Expand…
*PVE also available if you want ISK (lots of it) …But we BLOW STUFF UP…Come have a Chat …
“Deadly Silence Public”

  • Newbro Friendly but some skills required.
    * Discord Comms
    * Own Pathfinder Server
    * Unlimited Isk
    * Relaxed and Chilled Place to be
    * No CTA’s - No Drama - No Fear
    * Beer, Bacon and Bantz

Contact: Starglider7


WE ARE RECRUITING!! …Deadly Silent - C4 Wormhole Corp…PVP Pilots Wanted.

* Primarily EU/UK TZ - All TZ’s Welcome
* C4 with C3 & C5 Statics - More Content
* Small Gang PVP - Lots of it
* Relaxed, Friendly - Fun!
* Regular PVP Ops - Drunken Roams
* Newbro’s Friendly - Some Skills Required
* No CTA’s, No Drama, No Blobs - Play Your Way
* PVE Content - Lots of it, But we mostly PVP
* Bring your Drake - and Beer
* Dedicated Pathfinder & Discord Servers - Did he say Jump?

Wormhole Life takes advantage of the best New Eden has to offer, Come Join us.

In Game Channel :Deadly Silence Public



We’re still looking to recruit PVP Pilots to come join us and live in J-space

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