Mass is back baby! [C5 Wormhole PvP]

Mass Collapse is back!

After a 2 year hiatus from the game, Mass Collapse [SSAM.] has returned to Wormhole space to make spooky noises in everyones holes.

We’re a bunch of close friends who like to roam around in Wormhole space and kill things that look like bait in the hope that our glorious CEO, Mike Wazoski generates a lossmail for us to huddle around.

Currently we live in a C5 - C5, but no one has found us yet so shhhhhhhh

We offer the following:

  • Experienced Wormhole members to fly alongside & learn from
  • Mix of fights, ganks & failing to catch Iterons doing PI
  • A C5 - C5 with the opportunties that arrises from it
  • IT services including Slack, TS, Pathfinder (private server) & other internal tools

Our youtube channel of old, where you can star in future videos

Our requirements:

  • Can fly at least Brutix Navy Issue & Kikimora, or Logi with Logistics Cruiser V
  • Have either previous Wormhole or PvP experience
  • Positive attitude towards shooting sh*t & finding content
  • Don’t take your steak done so well it’s charred

We are recruiting in all timezones but mostly EU, you can find us in our public channel SSAM Public or grab me on discord @ Jezza#4134

We are the ever watching Cloaky Proteus…

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Dunun Dunun…

Join us in the depths!

Still Collapsing and making wibbly wobbly noises in a hole near you!

Fwoosh! Come get your dose of wormhole abuse today!



“Are you brave enough for Wormholes?”

Come and find us ingame via “SSAM Public” Channel, or find us on Slack.
Mass Slack