Mass Collapse [SSAM.] - C5 Wormhole Corp

Come and find us on the fringes of unknown space, where we’ll blow ships up and laugh about it.

Despite scanning being broken, we’re still recruiting! come and talk about how CCP broke things again!

Remember remember while we not yet near the 5th of November, this post needed a bump to the top.

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Put that Megathron back where it came from, or so help me! - The Musical

We is still recruiting yo

Good week to you all!

Our discord link actually works now! Come by have a chat and see if you’d fit into us!

Great group looking for US TZ people to fly some fleets and shot some badies :smiley:

Nice little update to the recruitment ad, toot toot!

Still looking for USTZ people?

PM me on discord :slight_smile:

Just had our Christmas roam last night! Lots of exciting (and ridiculous) adventures to be had still

Happy Christmas all! Made a rather awful video to celebrate

Boopy boop!

Happy bank holiday new year to all the UK folks out there :slight_smile:

Had a fantastic fight last night, come join us for more!

F’s in chat for doctor who NFT’s

New video for the channel!

Hello friends!

Still recruiting!