Mass Collapse [SSAM.] - C5 Wormhole Corp

Mass Collapse is Recruiting!

Mass Collapse [SSAM.] is a small PvP focused corporation made up of players recently returning to wormholes from an extended break. We are a friendly bunch and like to take things more casually, while we love to win fights we also find it hilarious when our CEO waprs himself into a ball of death and leaves us to run for cover.

We live in a C5 - C5, but no one pays attention to structure tickers so shhhhhhhh…

We offer the following:

  • Experienced Wormhole members to fly alongside & learn from
  • Off the cuff fights & ganks from our chain
  • Larger organised ops including rage rolling sessions
  • PvE opportunities from krabbing in the chain & industry within home
  • IT services including Discord, Pathfinder (private server), Teamspeak & other internal tools

Our youtube channel of old, where you can star in future videos

Click here for our Zkillboard

Our requirements:

  • Cyclone with T2 HAMS’s
  • Minmitar Battlecruiser 5 or Logistics 5
  • Have either previous Wormhole or PvP experience
  • Either enjoys scanning, can scan, or has Cloaking to level 1
  • Don’t take your steak done so well it’s charred

We are recruiting in all timezones but mostly EU, come speak to us in our public discord!

We are the ever watching Cloaky Proteus…



Dunun Dunun…

Join us in the depths!

Still Collapsing and making wibbly wobbly noises in a hole near you!

Fwoosh! Come get your dose of wormhole abuse today!



“Are you brave enough for Wormholes?”

Come and find us ingame via “SSAM Public” Channel, or find us on Slack.
Mass Slack


Beware the frig-hole, we’re waiting on the other side…

Did you know, Mass Collapse is recruiting?

New to Mass Collapse but I can already say they are a bunch of fun people to hang and play with. Come join us and let’s pew pew together!

If interested, join the SSAM Public or talk to @Jezza#4134 on discord.

Jezza first of his name, last on the battlefield, survivor of thunderdome here to report than Mass is still recruiting!

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boop, did you hear? Mass is recruiting…

I did, I did hear Mass is recruiting.

Had a fantastic fight against Outfit418, come join in on the fun!

nice to see you guys are still around :wink:

Hey Moros you so fine you so fine hey Moros! Hey Moros!

I’m a little Brutix, short and stout, here’s my Blaster, and here’s your wreck.