Mass Collapse [SSAM.] C5 Wormhole PVP Recruiting US and EU TZs

Mass Collapse [SSAM.] is an old school Wormhole Corp that has returned to make spooky noises in everyones holes.

We’re a bunch of friends who like to roam around in Wormhole space and kill things that look like bait in the hope that our glorious CEO, Mike Wazoski generates a lossmail for us to huddle around.

Currently we live in a C5, but no one pays attention to structure tickers so shhhhhhhh…

We offer the following:

  • Experienced Wormhole members to fly alongside & learn from
  • Mix of fights, ganks & failing to catch Iterons doing PI
  • A C5 - C5 with the opportunties that arrises from it (gasgasgas)
  • IT services including Discord, Pathfinder (private server) & other internal tools
  • Smaller Scale Indy with in corp projects and plenty of fleets

Our youtube channel of old, where you can star in future videos

Click here for our Zkillboard

Our requirements:

  • Can fly at least some level of our current doctrine ships, or Logi with Logistics Cruiser V
  • Have either previous Wormhole or PvP experience
  • Either enjoys scanning, can scan, or has Cloaking to level 1
  • Don’t take your steak done so well it’s charred

We are recruiting in all timezones but mostly EU and also US TZs, come speak to us in our public discord!

You can also message some of our recruitment staff if you have any question in game or join our public channel :slight_smile:

Public Channel - SSAM Public
Angel Westland - US TZ Recruitment

We are the ever watching Cloaky Proteus…

Still looking for some active bois :smiley:

Need some more bois for antics and fun times :smiley:

We are looking for active EU and US TZ pilots :smiley:

We need fun and excited pilots old and new :smiley:

Come chat and would love to meet some people :slight_smile:

Looking for more friendly faces :slight_smile:

Getting some great fights and enjoying the holidays come join :smiley:

Need some more bois for more awesome content :smiley:

Need some more peeps :smiley:

Looking for more people interested in a great WH PVP group hit us up!

Looking for pilots that want a fun PVP group to fly with great group :slight_smile:

Still looking for fun people :slight_smile:

Happy New Year come have fun with the corp:D

Looking around for some more pilots :smiley:

Shot us a message and come join in some good fights :slight_smile:

Great fights :slight_smile: come join Battle Report Tool (

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Come join us and have some fun and good fights :smiley: US and EU Tzs

Need more pilots to fly and have fun and PVP :smiley:

Come join the fun and good fights :smiley: send us a mail or today or join the discord