Mass Collapse [SSAM.] - An EUTZ C2/C5-Ns WH corp - is recruiting!

Mass Collapse is a PvP focused wormhole corp active in EUTZ.

We are all about getting together to fight other corps in wormhole space, Nullsec roaming or hunting, wherever there is content to be had. We’re made up of a small, experienced and obnoxiously active player base who work together to scan the chain, roll statics and use wormhole space to our advantage. If you’re looking for a corp with a positive environment where every pilot matters and you want make the most of your time playing Eve, Mass Collapse is the place for you!


We are also excited to announce that we have recently moved home to C2 wormhole with a C5 and Nullsec static! We’ve upgraded to reap the benefits of easy access to Nullsec as well as having a High Class chain to get our wormhole content fix.


What we can offer you:

• A friendly environment for you to be a part of!
• A vibrant and active player base.
• A home in a C2 with a C5 and Nullsec static, superior access to content.
• Teamspeak for comms.
• 0% Taxes, the ISK you make is your own!
• You scout the gank, you get the loot!
• Partial SRP for Tackle / Logistics.


What we want from you:

• European/EUTZ players
• 25m+ Skillpoints.
• Previous experience with PvP.
• Positive attitude, thirst for gudfights.
• The ability to fly Caldari/Minmatar T3 (Tengu or Loki) or Logistics Cruisers (Logi V reqd.)


What we’re not looking for:

• Carebears • Immaturity • Edgelords • Drama • Elitism.
• Players that need hand-holding. We’re all learning to become better pilots and asking questions is fine but we are not a teaching corp.


We have a Youtube channel where you can see some of the things we get up to.

If you’re interested or would like to have a chat please join our in-game public channel; “SSAM Public” and say hello to one of our recruiters! (Listed below).

Coldglorry Lenneluc - Kuze Shiyurida - Stanton Warrior.


Still Recruiting!

I approve, best corp and comms ever \o/

This is such a beautiful fleet

Over 15 Billion killed on our first weekend in new home!


Bumpy Bumpy

Mike is lumpy.

Ernst is grumpy.

Mylier is a chumpy.

Ebo is funky.

Casc is jumpy.

IMPORTANT: Currently in desperate need of Frenchmen called Dave.


We still want YOU!

I missed a few days. We’re still here!

Still recruiting!


Apply now!

We’re still recruiting!