Mass Collapse C5 wormhole corp is recruiting! [PvP] [C5]

Mass Collapse is a European wormhole corp, focused heavily on PvP and generating content. We are a small but tight-knit and active player-base who work together to roll statics and use wormholes to our advantage! If you’re looking for a positive environment where every pilot matters, Mass collapse is the place!

What we offer:

  • Living in a C5 Red-Giant with C4 Static.
  • We live out of a Citadel! No more POS living.
  • 0% Taxes, the ISK you make is your own!
  • Teamspeak for comms.
  • Friendly environment for you to be a part of!
  • You scout the gank, you get the loot!
  • Partial SRP for Tackle / Logistics.

What we want from you:

  • Active in EU timezone.
  • 25m+ Skillpoints.
  • Previous experience with wormhole life.
  • Previous experience with PvP.
  • The ability to fly a Hurricane FI, Loki, Logistics cruiser and Raven.

If you’re interested join the in-game channel SSAM Public and say hello to one of our recruiters!

Mass Collapse Youtube Channel!

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We are still looking for new people

150b killed last month, not bad at all, join our public to talk to a recruiter today woohoo videos of content

We are out of AT, but still looking for new pilots.

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To the top!


Bump. We still want YOU!