38M SP returning pilot looking for a Nullsec corp in Guristas space (Deklein)

Hi Guys - I have been AFK for well about 29 months now, returned to see the corp i was in was gone, myself in space, etc.etc.etc.

I am 32 years old, i am working full time, and have a bit of time to play these days. I was doing PVE mostly, ratting and scanning/exploring. I can fly Nidhoggur, and T3 gallente ships.

I am looking for any Nullsec corp which is not completely PVP focused, is residing in/around Deklein (that is where i am currently FLYING AROUND, undocked, since i returned :expressionless: ). Also, i am in the GMT+5 timezone, and come online around 3-4pm or sometimes in the evenings as well.

Ping me on forums please, i don’t log in the game unless i really have to; can’t have my Nid go boom on me.

Have fun!

Hey Arthur,

We currently are up in the region there and have some support to offer. We can safely move that carrier out and get you situated. We are currently PVP focused but we have “krabbing” ops and such to make money for ourselves and the corp. To support SRP/buybacks/and costs in general for upkeep.

I’ll link our discord if you’d like to just chat or talk about possible locations for you if we might not be the right fit.

Milli o7

@Arthur_Dorgiers we are in Deklein, our alliance/coalition could help u get back into the game, so u can use ur ships again w/o the boom lol. Our corp is small group of vets and friends from all over no rules or req. other than be in standing fleet and to be on TS. Timezone shouldn’t be an issue.

Hey mate I second shortbus
There’s no point being under a coalition where the head alliance is dieing and full of bots

Hi - @BloodyFolsom_Copenhagen How do i get in touch do you think? I can’t really log in.

@Arthur_Dorgiers u can download the new eve portal app is one way u can send and receive msgs. I will send u our discord when I get home I am at work now. It well be best to talk on there.

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