39.5 Mil SP U.K pilot looking for corp

6 years ago I left Eve for health reasons (stroke), but now I’m mostly back.

I’ve bio massed or sold all of my original characters apart from this one so I’m not short of the odd ISK or two.

What am I looking for? That’s the question isn’t it.

A Corp who’s primary activity is centred around U.K time.

A Corp based in both Highsec and Null, so that as I relearn the ropes, I can eventually move to Null

A Corp that understands that an eight hour roam isn’t really on the cards for me as I’ll probably fall asleep half way through.

Currently I’m running missions, mining and running through the new pilot new content.

Feel free to drop me an evemail if you think you might have a spot for me

Hey Sig!
Did you ever consider wormholes? We are a small group of active and returning veterans looking for more people to join us.
All of us are EU players with several brits :slight_smile:

If interested hop in game channel called Multifold or hop on our discord and say hi.

  1. Multifold [MUFO]

Hmmm, If you are returning, have you considered tryong somthing new if you havnt?
I mean, with the HAVOC expansion and all that comming? we are basically all EU but we are now in FW, have you tried that, HAVOC will really be a boost. We teach PVP, and help with the trainings and all that? Its super interactive and cool. well anyway… I remember last time i returned from a breack best thing i did was try somthing new, that really got me going :grinning:

Here our website: :policeman: :saluting_face:

Welcome back to EVE! Check out Wrecking Machine - the expectations are super chilled and you can find your feet again in high sec :slight_smile: Bring on the Wrecking Machine - seriously casual

Hi there and welcome back,

I have Eve mailed you but just to say have a look at what we can offer you… which includes a high sec training corp but a combined community on discord.

Come talk to us before you make a final decision about your next corp…

Come to the dark side - we have cookies!
Join 4S and the Imperium

You Are Welcome With us :slightly_smiling_face:

Welcome back to Eve Sigrdrifa.

Evermore Warriors are primarily a US based corp with a healthy overlap in the the UK evenings.

We are primarily nullsec based but are happy for pilots to operate in nullsec, highsec, or both, and have an alt corp that could be used should wardecs become an issue.

There are activities for pilots of all abilities within our space, from moon mining and PI to combat anomalies, gas huffing, A0 (blue sun) belt mining and regularESS and sov based PVP.

If you are interested in learning more, please reach out to Creocore Khamez or Cyntrl Mileghere in game so we caarrange a proper chat and answer any questions that you may have.

We’d love to chat with you about joining Hyper Meme Industries. We have plnety of EUTZ players and a healthy population of USTZ to fill the gap. We’re based in nullsec, and don’t currently run highsec-sister corp, but operate in space quite enough for you to ‘relearn the ropes’. We have no requirements for roams/ops/or the like save just don’t go full hermit-mode on us.

Check us out:

hi there m8

welcome back to eve

if you dont mind please take your time and check us out below

We might be what you are looking for



Check us out. Recruitement post here - High Sec Mining Corporation - Seeking Miners and Industry Pilots - Spice Mining Defenders Corporation

UK/EVE time most active corp time from about 2-3pm until midnight. Most mining fleets are about 1800ish and PVP fleets about 2100 UK time.

Active community based around mining in Mid/High sec but part of a large alliance with occasional PVP and also some corps based in Null-Sec.

Welcome back to Eve and good luck.

"Welcome back to EVE Online, and thank you for sharing your story. We’re glad to hear that you’re on the path to recovery and are looking to rejoin the EVE community.

Finding the right corporation is indeed crucial, and it seems like you have some specific preferences. We believe we might be a good match for you:

  1. We have members in the UK time zone, which should align well with your schedule.

  2. Our corp operates in Nullsec,and as the saying goes, “Nullsec is safer than Hisec”. We can help guide you into fullfilling this reality.

  3. We completely understand and respect your limitations, and we don’t require any amount of fleet roam hours. We have various activities going on, including missions, mining, and new pilot content that can accommodate your availability and energy levels.

Feel free to contact me in game and I can introduce you to our leadership so as to discuss your specific needs and see if our corporation would be a good fit for you. We look forward to having you back in space and helping you enjoy your EVE experience to the fullest - in the safety of our alliance. No more wondering or stressing about being ganked!

Best regards,

Jem McMerphy

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