Returning 50m SP player with 30M SP ALT LF Corp

Hey all I am currently looking for a corporation to do stuff with. I honestly haven’t played in a corporation for awhile. Usually just resub briefly run some missions or fly around aimlessly get bored and unsub lol. But this time I want to actually get involved with a corporation so I can explore other aspects of the game. I am not really opposed to anything. I enjoy PVP though my experience is albeit limited and I also like doing PVE things as well. Previously I have lived in wormhole space and null-sec but that was forever ago. Anyways looking for a fresh start somewhere to get back into the groove of things and have some fun along the way.

I am EST US time-zone based, most of my skills are combat oriented but I do have a alt skilled more towards the industrial side of things.

Anyways thanks for taking the time to read my spiel and hope to hear from some interested corps.

Good day and welcome back!

We are an pvp and industry focused corp out in nullsec in the EU and US timezones. We got ratting opportunities, building our own industry park and in general are a fairly fresh corp. The leadership itself though has a lot of experience in the game and we are always looking for more people. We’d be happy to have a chat with you to see what we can do for each other at our discord: Hyper Meme Industries

If you’d like some more information check out our forum post: [EU/US] [NS] Hyper Meme Industries: Do stupid stuff responsibly! PVP and Indy focussed corp

Thanks in advance and good luck with your search!

Hey, check out Holy Hunters :

Welcome back,

If you’re interested in low-sec FW for the Amarr and Merc stuff on the side come give us a look. Still growing :slight_smile:

[EU & US] Blood Eagle Syndicate | Amarr FW - Corporations & Alliances / Recruitment Center - EVE Online Forums

We are a newly reformed corp of Vets and new bros. Our main focus is having fun and making isk. We run missions, mine, explore whatever we can get into. We live in HS and a C4. Come join our in game channel PR-UN see if your a good fit.

TSSOC would be a great place for you, Long time well established corp, living in an active are of Null, close to Jita

come say hi

If you are up for the challenge of helping to rebuild a corp to its former glory then come join us at The Order of Omerta. We do mining, indy, small gang pvp, and fw. We are looking for more pilots to help grow our forces and just cool people to fly with in general.

We are EU and US tz oriented so we can help give you some of the fun you been craving and hopefully find a purpose that keeps you logging in more often.

Hi Big Lou! Come find us :slight_smile:

We have a split community of mainly EU and US, so we balance out perfectly, with people online all the time. Come for a chat, see what we can help each other with. South Sun Industries has some of the best minds concerning most aspects of the game, so we can help you get back up to speed after your time away :slight_smile:

come for a chat: South Sun Industries

check us out here: ☀ [SOUSN] South Sun Industries - Sov Null - EU/US TZ - #308 by Dracaena_Delphyne

Hi there and welcome back.

If you dont mind please have a look at our latest recruitment video.

Are we what you are looking for?


Hi welcome back, check us out on

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UKMF recruiting for null sec life lazy and active both welcome :slight_smile: - Corporations & Alliances / Recruitment Center - EVE Online Forums

Come check us out and have a chat.

Were based in 0.0 plenty of moons and pve/pvp to be had so covers most gameplays.

Chilled mature environment

Hi Big Lou,

If you are still interested in WH space, come check us out:


Welcome Back! If you have interest in a smaller group in null sec, feel free to hop in our discord server and chat!

we are a nullsec corp join our discord and chat to see if we are a fit for you REPZ

Hey man would love to talk to ya,

We are a us tz pvp corp with active fcs squad in corp that run our alliance us tz operations. We have one of the best buy backs in game and awesome logistics.

In game channel “keebler moon elves”

Joeyscirocco#9522 - discord

Were recruiting if ur looking for active social pvp group, always nicer to be able to fly with a group! Ofc we do bips and bops of c5ratting/industry to pay for our pvp habbits!

The untraceable - M A R A K U G A Alliance

MKUGA Discord: Discord
… .

Looking to be spooky and scary? Looking for a place to fit in?

At Almost Dangerous (Wolves Amongst Strangers Alliance), we believe everyone has a place on our Killboard !

We live in a non-effect C5/C5 wormhole with a growing AU time zone and a stable EU and US time zone. We are looking for experienced pilots to join our ranks in making wormhole space almost dangerous.

Initiative, humor and a willingness to get straight into combat are our core values.

What we can offer you:

➭ Training and advice for new pilots, new FCs and fleet combat
➭ Static C5 connection
➭ A wardec free experience
➭ Industrial facilities for enterprising pilots
➭ Decent PI
➭ A very social group to have fun and talk with

What we expect from you:

➭ The ability to fly atleast one of the listed ships from both shield AND armor doctrines:

  • Armor: Leshak, Guardian, Damnation
  • Shield: Nighthawk, Loki

➭ Interest in making J-Space more fun and content rich
➭ Willingness to train into corp doctrine ships over time
➭ Self-sufficiency
➭ Laid-back attitude
➭ Full ESI
➭ 50+ Million SP

Communication needed:

➭ TeamSpeak (main voice coms)
➭ Discord

If you’re interested, come and talk to us in our in-game public channel “Almost Dangerous Public” or join our public chat on Discord: Almost Dangerous Public !

Our recruiters are:

Liam Europa
Nishius Khurelem
Mai Stormheart
Luna Valen
Dark Hoshino

Hey Big Lou Notaginger,

It’s always great to see pilots looking to dive back into the rich tapestry of EVE. Welcome back!

Your experiences and desires align perfectly with what we’re building at Cryptopia. While you’ve wandered the vastness of New Eden solo for a bit, joining a corp can indeed rekindle that passion and excitement. In Cryptopia, our resource-rich C2 PI hole offers a springboard to a plethora of activities in K-space and J-space.

Whether you’re craving the adrenaline of PvP skirmishes or seeking lucrative PvE endeavors, Bob delivers it all! And given that you have an industrial-leaning alt, there’s ample opportunity for you to engage in our budding industrial projects, including our aspirations of constructing an Astrahus! We are also set up for hybrid reactions!

Our mentorship program ensures that you get back into the groove of things smoothly, and our experienced wormholers would be more than eager to guide or fly alongside you.

Why not drop by the Cryptopia public channel or hop into our Discord [CYPTA] Cryptopia? We’d love to chat, reminisce about your past experiences, and discuss the exciting path ahead in Cryptopia.

Here’s to new beginnings and celestial adventures!

Fly daringly,
Serathi Geos
CEO, Cryptopia

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