4.0T Sell 🦜 [Collection of a full set of Sansha Empire]

Yeah can you tell me where I need to ship it

yeah I will send you private message.
Please check in-game mail.


I’ve set up an exchange contract, you can start looking at all items for omissions
When you reach the specified location, click accept the contract and we can complete the transaction.

Im all for your patience and determination but come on! Apoc Imperial Issue?

Apoc Imperial issue seems like a underwhelming trade for this size of a collection. I get those things are rare but 3-4tril rare???

Raven state issue was sold for 4T I believe

It probably is worth 4T but a replaceable 4T

Was that the one that the person tried to put up on the Hypernet when it first came out and like no one bought a ticket?

You obviously are a lot more aware of valuation for larger ticket items than me.
What would a Federation Mega go for, if there are even any of those around?

There is ONE that i know of and @Entity wants 10tril for it (Valuation he mentioned like 2 years ago lol)

Also FYI: I don’t know if his collection is worth 4 trillion but if it is it’s a replaceable 4 trillion

Jebus ■■■■… sad day. Think ill be dead before i get 10tril liquid isk

Do you have any questions about the items in the contract?
Approximately when will we be able to complete the contract?

hes probably just pulling your leg and does not actually have what you are seeking


I just hope you’re wrong but anything is possible.

Just curious you can move it to jita if the buyer pays a deposit but couldn’t pay a deposit for @crafty_crafter to move the impoc to your assets

Please understand my difficulty
Because I have been deceived many times by different people in the past six months

I want to stress that I can be sure that I really want to trade and that I have provided a lot of evidence that I do have them
If she can prove to me by establishing a contract that she does own it 100% ,then I willing to pay for the shipping up front

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i offered to buy the fiend ou would give her and asked me a ‘‘down payment’’ . its a scam. and probably the same people who started the LSI/PLEX scam on discords lately is behind it.

PS Hello hawk! o/

I would like to trust anyone who wants to trade with me.
But I think it’s always right to be cautious

and to add to this. bother to ask for a prepayment of 15b ? HAHAHA

The ongoing deal has been extended but remains in effect.
In order to comply with the transaction agreement, we will temporarily not accept new offers within 2 months.