4.0T Sell 🦜 [Collection of a full set of Sansha Empire]

I’m both exhausted and relieved to have made it to the end of this thread. If you do decide to sell anything separately I am interested in the rev.

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ok if i have a plan to sell separately i will state that in the post
Thank you for your attention

flight safety

Thank you for the reply. And gl with the sale regardless. o7

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2 Trillion offer.

You are a scammer !!

IFED member trying to call people scammer while having scammed a keepstar fund your test membership supers and a ton of merc contracts scammed xd

Someone sounds bitter :joy::joy::joy:

happy you wont even try to fight it anymore since you know im telling the truth.

If you ever decide to sell separate I would be interested in 24x shadows

Ok, if I have plans to sell separately,
I will announce it here, please stay tuned~

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Hey Sasha!

If and when you may plan on selling separately, I’d like to show my intention to purchase the following from you:

  • Concord MTAC
  • Tactical Response
  • The Homemade Sansha head you got there
  • True Creations
  • 2x of each Sansha Ship Log
  • 2x Artificial Miyan

In case it wasn’t obvious to OP: collections generally aren’t worth anything to others because nobody has the same collection desire as you. You wanted all the sansha stuff. That’s fine, but other people have other things they care about. All AT ships. All factions supers/titans. Etc. The odds of someone actually wanting the same thing as you AND having 3.5T or whatever is essentially 0. For example, I’d far rather have 4 AT ships than your entire collection.

If you actually care about isk, you’ll break it up and sell the parts you don’t want to keep to those who want them.


Thank you so much for your advice, but I have my own obsessions, as you can see, it’s not easy to collect them, and many items are getting harder to get over time or have completely disappeared from the game. And I don’t just own, I own a certain number of them, and I’m still perfecting them to this day
I’m not just going to sell them, but to find a good owner for it, keep them or continue my work to make this collection more and more complete.


To reiterate, the intrinsic value of these items is 3t, please don’t use the jita buy price to measure, I am not an asset mortgage, I need a fair standard and price
I accept reasonable bargains, but in the past eight months. I have received a lot of unbelievable offers, such as willingness to offer 300b each for AT ship. I don’t mind keeping them all the time.So don’t try to deceive or blackmail me

Can i get something for free ?

Good luck on the sale!

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It’s not impossible
If I can’t sell them by the time the service closes, then I’ll turn them into beautiful fireworks.

Low-grade Rapture Beta Blueprint
Send one, although it’s not worth the money

This post will send some small toys from time to time
The first reply will be rewarded


Good luck with your sale!

Thank you for the free contract!
A-Class service!

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