4.0T Sell 🦜 [Collection of a full set of Sansha Empire]

amazing set dude, gl with selling :slight_smile:

thanks bro~

Recently received some offers, Almost all of them float up and down in 2T.

I would take one of those if they approach 2.5T, dont see you ever really finding someone offering you 3T for it all

In fact, I am willing to accept the quotation of 2.5T now

Also can use the Titan or Komodo to exchange!

do u have revenant bpc for sell?

Yeah,I have this, but I don’t want to sell it alone~

Collection doesn’t count without a Molok. :smiley:

Molok is a very good bship, but there is no independent model~

Still need the molok to complete the collection :stuck_out_tongue: without it it is incomplete


why does a molok belong in this collection?

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Please reply here directly, I do not log in game often, so I can’t reply to you in time.

What is the current price tag sasha ?

This thread is approaching 10,000 views. Epic!


I’m sorry, I don’t have plan to sell them separately ~~


I am still continuing to add projects and improve the collection of this series.

rev price?

hes not selling separate sadly, gotta buy the entire thing to get the giant space turd

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lool what ok good luck then