4.0T Sell 🦜 [Collection of a full set of Sansha Empire]

New items are added to the collection!

As of now, I have collected all sansha items
Except for a few out -of -print, the items of ancient times

You can also sell it for me~

A Molok would make a nice addition to your collection

Molok not sansha`s.

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I will take over this in the future!

A year has passed, because some collection items have been rearranged and categorized, so update the latest data.

There are no major changes in the BPC.

how much for the strongboxs?

I do not intend to sell an item individually
but you can find it in jita~


Almost forgot, the carrier aircraft is fully loaded~

What offer you willing to acepct for the Revenant bpc?

Revenant BPC not needed for now,
thank you for your proposal.

Id recommend separating your collection. As it is a collection you only need 1 of every item. All the duplicates you could theoretically sell if you wanted (which I don’t see as being a negative thing)


First of all thank you for your suggestion.)

In fact, the number of each item has a specific meaning.
The number of each item is only one, which is a bit boring to me.

how much 4 Chelm cap recharger?

We are very sorry but we have no plans to sell these items individually at this time.

are you selling individual/bulk (3-4) mods?

The guy wants to sell it as one, which is never going to happen because nobody is spending 4 T isk