4.0T Sell 🦜 [Collection of a full set of Sansha Empire]

Everytime I see this post I wish your name was Sansha Alexa


She’s off to other missions~


Before 23:59:59 UTC on 21 February 2023 sold
I donate the 1T isk here to《PLEX for GOOD: Türkiye & Syria》



I will give you 1 Trillion for it all :wink:

My friend,I don’t think the current price will be lower than 3.5T .

How much for the BPCs? I’d be interested to get them if I can afford them.

What an amazing collection. Good luck selling to some big whale who wants this :slight_smile:


He won’t sell piece meal. Either the entire collection or nothing.

Which is impressive but he’s never going to sell it. I am hard pressed to believe someone will spend 3-4T for all this.


Bumping this epic thread


anymore shadows for sale?

They are all there, but they are not sold separately.

I sent you an email: Pm me please. Thx

I just saw this, this is amazing! do you have any other factions for sale like this?

Unfortunately, I am only focusing on the collection of the Sansha series.

fair! I guess the market is open for someone else to do another faction
truly impressive tho!

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I’m still working on perfecting my collection and the link above has details on the items I need.

I wish I’ll live long enough to see someone buying it!

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It’s all right. if they can’t be sold, I’ll turn them into fireworks
Invite people from all servers to share the carnival.

Of course this will all happen on the eve of the server shutdown.

How much for the fiend/Imp?

I hate to break it to you, but this collection in its entirety more than likely will not ever be sold.

If you want any chance to ever sell this, your best chance is to make a collection of one of every item and sell that as a whole and then sell everything else separately.

Otherwise this collection will continue to grow and collect dust until you quit, or eve dies (which this is fine if that is what you want).

If you are actually wanting to sell, then the way you are going now, it will not sell.

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