4.0T Sell 🦜 [Collection of a full set of Sansha Empire]

In fact, all the items are complete, It’s just that I didn’t update it in time. :wink:


Hope CCP can bring Sansha Titan.

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I’m planning on getting the Angel Titan to replace the current Revenant as a new container for these collections of mine. Since the carrier is currently almost full, it can’t continue to hold new collections that may be updated for future games.

Upon completion of the replacement, the price of the complete collection will be adjusted to 6T.


I was actually planning on replacing my flagship a long time ago, and fantasies of a Sansha’s Titan prolonged that plan indefinitely.
This update made me realise that I may never wait for the Sansha’s Titan: the earliest conceptual designs for the Angel Titan appeared in early 2018 and didn’t make it into the game until the end of 2023, and the efficiency of the ccp has left me with no hope for the Sansha’s Titan.

Though the way of obtaining it was disappointing, with the shop redemption format undermining its rarity attributes to some extent .
But it’s time to get back on the road .


Well if it is almost full, you could start thinking of breaking up the the collection to make some room? Just keep one of everything to keep it complete.

If you are not planning on doing that and keep raising the price (worth/value) of the collection, at which currently no-one is interested in buying, I think this thread needs a move to a more appropriate subsection of the forum, maybe price checks or General or “My Eve”

Because, what would you do when you sell the whole thing? Then you would loose the need for a bigger cupholder all together.


I did mention in a previous reply that I develop a system for the number of items to be collected, where all items are collected according to a specific number based on their rarity, and that the whole system needs to be continually adjusted during the collection process, as the variety of items increases and capacity limits are imposed. I don’t want to upset that balance.

I think there is really little hope of selling this collection. I regard this as destiny. As long as they are still with me, I will not leave EVE. When they are sold, it means it is time to leave. I will use a large part of the proceeds from the sale for charity. —PLEX for GOOD , and then return from the virtual world to my real life.


The latest transaction price of Raven State Issue is 8T.But your price is just an overlay of each item at market price. I think your prices are a bit low in comparison.

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For sale this Revenant in the llmarin NPC station
Waiting for a suitable price

I wish I could ignore a post. This was obviously never going to sell years ago and yet it still gets bumped to the top as a vanity thing for the OP over and over.

I’m just trying to sell it and don’t want to take up public resources.
I apologise if this has caused you any distress.

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I personally love this post. I come back to it every now and then just to gawk at the mere size of the collection.

Honestly the weird rules like having very specific amounts of each item just makes it EVEn better :rofl:


■■■■ their distress.

You got a kickass collection. Don’t care if the sell is unreasonable or not.
Just really freakin cool to see this collection


Revenant sold for 295b.