4.0T Sell 🦜 [Collection of a full set of Sansha Empire]

1.5 T offer

Thank you for your generosity, but the highest offer currently is 2.5t.
I don’t accept offers below 4.5t.

The third shipment has arrived.
Because of Titan’s larger capacity, actual items from the Control Tower series can also be added to the collection.

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Shadow 100B acceptable?

150b is the lowest price.

All Shadows have been sold.

Helping a friend sell a Revenant, which he bought from me before.

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how much for Imp by itself?

Sorry, I don’t plan to sell items other than Revenants at the moment.



AZARIEL has completed construction and awaits transfer delivery.
Now it will be included in the entire collection, so the price is now adjusted to 10T



New titan isnt worth 6T tho?

My price for AZARIEL is 1.5T, and the others are 8.5T.

By the way, new BPC added to the collection.


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I have a AZARIEL BPC, are you interested?

I can recommend a buyer to you.
with a maximum bid of 580B.

omg this troll post is still alive :rofl:

troll post?

Thanks for the introduction, I sold it for 590b.

The next BPC will be completed in 2 weeks

The price is 590b

Only reservations are accepted, the deposit is 50B