4.5m mining pilot, Barge V, mining Frig V, 3 days from Hulk

Cptn Edward Teach
Full API
[http://ridetheclown.com/eveapi/audit.php?usid=6830067&apik=91lFTdw1e6IM3PhwPaddw24oIkDVhEH7rf4pvDFsoQrwNaaC1ZhN56WaSxFVwt1e](http://Character sheet)
Good starter mining/indy character, currently an alpha. Make an offer, no lower than 2.5b
Edit: Sorry, didnt read the rules first.
4.5 SP, primarily mining 3 days from Hulk.
Alpha Status
No jump clones
No kill rights
Positive wallet balance
Current location, Todaki
First enticing offer takes the cake, need the isk badly.

You dont need to post API here and unfortunetly the character sheet for eveboard is broken. Also you have to make a thread with the toon you are selling, not with your main or alt and the character you are selling has to be in an NPC corp

offer 2.5 b

Was not aware of the part where i had to be logged on him, my bad. However, he is in an NPC corp. Dropped just an hour ago, so he is Neutral at the moment it just hasnt reflected just yet. So fret not

price agreed in game, waiting for correct thread from Cptn Edward Teach, then I’m sending the isk

dont understand… why open here an auction and then trade ingame without offers here?..

rmt rmt rmt

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