4.5m sp Mimnitar Interceptor toon .... 4b b.o

Will use plex as transfer…
4.5m SP Interceptor
Located in Jita
Positive Wallet

Would 4 BIl work for you?

Ready to buy


4 Bil b.o accepted.

Isk sent to Tasty Burger.

Account details sent to Tasty Burger in eve mail.


starting transfer now

transfer has been submitted

thanks for patience ticket has been submtted

NO sign of the character - did you submit to the correct a/c?

The a/c in the evemail i sent you was correct.

yes i can provide proff one second

i hvae email confirming ticket submission let me poke ccp again and see whats going on i cant copy paste ccp emails but I have proof of submission let me ask them

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