4.5m sp Starter Gunnery Toon

Few gunnery skills to lvl 5 a well as amarr frig, set of +3. Good started toon.
Character in NPC corp (ready to transfer)
Positive sec status
No Killrights
Decent empire standings
All CCP rules apply.


Starting Bid: 2 Bill
Buyout: 5 Bill

Ends 3 days.

2b offer

3b offer

3.5 first and final.

I will accept this offer. I’ll begin transfer when isk is sent.

Character still available as i havent recieved response from 3.5b offer yet.

3.1b offer :slight_smile:

Yeah back home now qnd sending.

ok no worries


received what is account name?

i sent you a mail from duke

oh sorry didnt even see it. looking now.

ok ticket submitted for character transfer. Thanks!

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