WTS 57,3m SP Toon, Indy,carrier,JF, rorqual starter, nyx starter 2006 toon

i want to sell me.
Im not rly good focussed so i can do much for you.

Date of Birth 2006-07-11
Skill Points 57,328,622
Yearly Remap 1
Bonus Remaps 1
No worthy Implants
Located at Jita
All CCP Rules Apply.

Top Level 5:

Command Burst Specialist
Mining Director
Mining Foreman
Jump Drive Calibration
Jump Drive Operation
Capital Industrial Ships
Gallente Battleship
Gallente Battlecruiser

and much more on Level 5.

Minimum Price is 46 Bill !
Instant Buy Out is 57,3 Bill
(I get ca 43 Bill for Extraction and 3 bill for Transfer)
Will start extraction in 12 Hours.

Fly Safe

45 bil

Thanks for your Bid, but how i said, minimum price will be 46 Bill. otherwise i just make more money with extracting.


Understood, will stretch to 46b then.

I will accept your Bid automaticly if there is No higher bid then yours, when the 12 hour mark is reached.

So at Jun 26, 21:27 PM GMT +1 so at 19:27 Eve Time Today.


Time is over, I accept 46B from Gattanera please send isk and Account name ingame.
I start transfer within 1 hour after i recieved both, if i recieve it in next 6 hours.


Will send in the next 15 minutes

Recieved ISK and Account name, Charackter transfer started.

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