4 Puller/ 2 Doer Strategy still viable?

Hey all,
I came across this guide, it seems like a very good systems for farming LP!

Is anyone familiar with the 4 Puller/ 2 Doer method?
Is this strategy still viable?
Is there a more efficient way to earn isk through missions?
Do you have any advice to someone who is interested in trying this method to farm ISK?

Thanks in advance,

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I don´t know this guide, but since missions havent change for years it should still be valid, the only thing that probably changed are the isk/lp.

As for more Efficiency, if you want to Setup alts to pull missions anyway its probably more profitabe to do burner missions.

What are burner missions?

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you basically set up alts to cherrypick burner missions and then do them all with your main.

Best is to do this with pirate factions ofc

I don’t understand the guide. Is the guy autopiloting around lowsec in those shuttles? How can he semi-afk missions in lowsec like this?

He isn’t auto piloting!

What he is doing seems like so much WORK.

It is, it also makes a ton of ISK. But you need to flip alot of LP, ■■■■ your standings and its super boring.

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