40 mil sp lf amarr missionrunning corp

I could go to 0.0 or WH , been there done that, bored with it. What I’m looking for is some people to hang with and do missions with until I move into my house( month or so till construction is finished) and have a more solid way of playing all my toons. I have 7 omega accounts total. avg of 20 mil sp,

Until then though I plan on just kicking it in amarr HS for a bit doing missions and exploration, along with the random roam into low-wh to kill someone.

I fly amarr-minmatar t2-t3 up to t2 bs with minmatar ie: vargur when I have a need. Missions don’t , so probably just use a machariel or something to support others in sites. Anyways if you are interested hit me up in game or via a eve mail. I don’t read the forums often so yah.

Oh. No I will not mine, under any circumstances so don’t ask.

Only interested in HS amarr corps. NOWHERE ELSE. That means you forum spammers can kiss it with your copy pasted responses in here. No 0.0 WH,. LS or anywhere else in HS will work for me so just letting you know ahead of time.

I will only be doing pve with corp so I can have my ears open for work ( I’m a sound engineer) Which is the primary reason I’m staying in HS. Not wanting to get myself sucked into some corp that wants me on comms.

I am joining a corp as a means to an end. so don’t expect me to be all gung ho about killing some red boxes.*well those formerly known as red boxes:’

Anyways I’m rambling so just hit me up if interested.

Thanks for your time

ps: 13 years experience in eve 99% pvp :slight_smile:

Hey man, good to see you looking around.I will be honest with. I’m part of a high sec bunch of misfits that got our hand in everything we can reach from PvP to mining fleets and everything in between. There is like 20 of us right now and we are pretty Damn active and enjoy talking ■■■■ while fighting for our lives or talk about cars while mining. Who knows. We have some decent production active and are looking for some knowledgeable combat pilots. If you seem interested in something like that kind off bullshittery then let me know on my discord

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