40M SP Indie Pilot Looking for a New Null, Low, or WH Home

What I am looking for:

  1. A null corp with sovereignty OR low-sec corp OR WH corp with access to HS.
  2. Indy focus with some PvP
  3. Active, organized and stable corp
  4. Supportive and mentoring community
  5. Medium – large corp
  6. AU TZ or larger corp with AU members
  7. Respectful of RL commitments
  8. Relaxed approach to play-style

About me:

  1. Mature player
  2. 40M skill points, mainly in indy.
  3. Want to make isk mainly through moon mining, PI, and gas.
  4. So, I’m basically a Care Bear who would like to grow some tiny fangs.
  5. I want to devote some time to learning the PvP aspects of the game.
  6. I play during large parts of the AU day-time TZ, but often while I’m working.
  7. That means I am often unavailable for fleets and Discord etc.
  8. I like to communicate mainly through chat and messages (if people are not in my TZ).
  9. I have my own playstyle and I’d like to keep it that way for now because of my RL commitments.
  10. However, I can be extremely supportive and loyal to the right corp.

Please do not contact me if you’re just making up numbers for your corp, or if you don’t think I’m a good fit. I’ve been there before and it doesn’t end well.

But if you think I might work out, let me know. I’m ready to stop being solo in Eve and to learn new things.

Hi there,

I think I might have the perfect fit for you: R.Uni

We have atleast 7 very active AUTZ players in R.Uni alone and we offer PvP classes and roams often enough to make sure that you can atleast try it.

We do prefer people being on comms but if chat works better for you, so be it.

Join our discord and ask one of the recruiters to get you in contact with our AUTZ members for more detailed information on what you can expect.



Well, if you are looking for AU TZ Indy, we have a corporation in our alliance that does exactly that! I actually have a Rorqual alt that builds caps for the alliance. I checked your list of what you need, we are a null alliance with coalition backing, daily roams and fleet ops (including indy). We have PI, just landed a new system, lots of exciting stuff happening! Here’s a link to our forum: 🇺🇸 S0NS of BaNE - 0.0 Alliance

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